I had just the right amount of almost rotten bananas to make  some sort of banana dessert.  I have been reading my Tartine cookbook and came across her Banana Date Tea Loaf.
I love Tartine (see blog entry 11/08 Roadtrip).  I make special trips to San Fran just to eat there.  If I were ever to open a bakery (which I don’t plan on doing), I would emulate Tartine.  It is the perfect spot.
The recipe called for dates, walnuts and lots of other goodies that I had in the house.    This recipe also called for cornstarch in the batter.  I have never used cornstarch in a cake batter.  Gave me the inspiration and the desire to want to make it.
The best part about this cake is that both my kids loved it!  Usually when there is dried fruit in anything that I make they complain and get all weird.  However this time, they didn’t even notice the dates and they were chunky dates.  I felt as though they were eating something somewhat “healthy”.
If you are at all a lover of cookbooks, this one should be at the top of your list.  Not only are the recipes divine, but the photographs are amazing and the paper is a thick, lustre matte finish.  The best part about the book is the piece of satin ribbon that is attached to the spine of the book.  It is to be used as a bookmark, just like some of my old, 1st edition, literature books.