Why Isn’T My Lemon Curd Thickening?

If the lemon curd is not cooked for an adequate amount of time, it will be too thin. To determine whether your lemon curd is indeed too thin, let it to cool fully before tasting it. Lemon curd will thicken as it cools, so taste it first. If it is indeed too thin, the simplest cure is to return it to the fire and cook it for a few minutes more until it is cooked through.

If your lemon curd hasn’t thickened after cooking, it’s possible that it wasn’t cooked long enough.Cooking lemon curd might take up to 30 minutes of steady stirring, especially if you’re making a large quantity of the recipe.Keep in mind that the curd will thicken even more when it has been allowed to cool.If your curd hasn’t thickened sufficiently after cooling, you may reheat it to make it thicker.

Should lemon curd thicken up more after it is cooked?

Yes, the lemon curd should thicken more after it has been cooked; it is conceivable that you did not cook it for long enough; yet, you do not want to risk burning it by cooking it too long.

What happens if lemon curd is too runny?

My concern is that if the lemon curd is too fluid, it is possible that you have not cooked it properly to adequately cook the eggs. JustSomeCook’s idea might be good if you used pasteurized eggs, but if you did not, I wouldn’t take any chances and would stick with her recommendation.

How to thicken runny curd?

If your curd continues to be liquid and watery after following the proper procedure, here are some suggestions for thickening it. If your curd becomes runny after it has been refrigerated in the refrigerator, this indicates that there is still some water remaining in the mixture. The use of cornstarch will aid in the absorption of surplus water and the thickening of the sauce.

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What happens if you don’t use butter in lemon curd?

You’re not using nearly enough butter. Lemon curd can be created without the use of butter, but the flavor will be significantly different. The use of butter is important to provide a creamy consistency in the lemon sauce. If you don’t use enough butter, your lemon curd will be runny since you’ll have used too much water when mixing the ingredients together.

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