Where Is The Flank On A Cat?

This is due to the fact that there are two widely accepted procedures for spaying cats: An incision is created on the bottom of the cat’s abdomen in the center of their tummy to perform the midline approach. An incision is created on the side of the cat’s body wall on the left side of the body wall using the flank approach.

It is known as a flank spay when it is necessary to make the incision on the left side (flank) of the body rather than in the midline of the abdomen. It is the same procedure as that used during the midline incision, and the same reproductive organs (ovaries) are removed in both cases.

What is a flank spay for kittens?

Spay the flanks Feline flank spay refers to when a kitten undergoes surgery in which an incision is made on her flank halfway down the side from her spine, following general anesthesia. This sort of spay operation is typically performed on nursing cats since the incision is made such that the mammary glands are not in the way of the process.

Where are the flanks on the body?

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