What Is Flank On Human Body?

Between your upper abdomen and your back lies a region known as the flank region. In addition to spinal arthritis, a pinched nerve from a back injury, and a back muscle strain or spasm are also possible reasons of flank discomfort to consider. The exact source of your flank discomfort is still unknown.

When you look at your abdomen, you’ll notice that it has two sides and a back that runs between your lower ribs and hips. Flanking pain is a term used to describe discomfort in this location. Pain in the flanks can be caused by a variety of accidents, ailments, and infections. The severity of flank discomfort can vary from minor to severe.

What is flank pain?

Having soreness in your upper belly, back, or sides is referred to as flank pain. It manifests as in the region below the ribs and above the pelvic bone. Typically, the pain is more severe on one side of your body than the other.

What is flanks fat?

The flanks are the lateral and posterior areas of the hip that are located slightly above the crest of the hip bone. Even in generally slim people, it is a frequent location for fat to gather.

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