How To Redeem Omaha Steak Rewards?

Gift Cards from Omaha Steaks can be redeemed online, over the phone, by mail, fax, or in person at any Omaha Steaks retail store. During the checkout process, you must enter your Gift Number on the Payment and Summary page in order to redeem your gift card or certificate. Call 1-800-843-5700 to redeem your prize by phone.

Reward products must be combined with other purchases in your Omaha Steaks shopping basket in order to be valid for redemption. To complete your order after you’ve added a reward to your basket, just continue shopping and add the remainder of your order before heading to the checkout page.

How does the Omaha Steaks rewards program work?

Members’ accounts will be credited with points earned on purchases of Omaha Steaks items once the final element of the order has been shipped out (no pending status) As soon as they make their first purchase after participating in the program, new members will receive two points for every dollar spent on qualified items.

When do my Omaha Steaks gift card points expire?

Unless otherwise specified, gift points awarded to a member in the absence of a member purchase or other qualifying action will expire at the discretion of Omaha Steaks Gift Cards. No adjustments will be made to the points earned on the original order in the case of claims involving replacement products of equal or greater value.

Do Omaha Steak rewards expire?

Gift cards to Omaha Steaks have no expiration date.

What are Omaha points worth?

Value of FNBO Business Points based on the method of redemption

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Redemption Method Average Point Value Value of 1,000 Points
Travel 1 cent $10.00
Cash Back 1 cent $10.00
Gift Cards 1 cent $10.00
Merchandise 1 cent $10.00

What is Omaha Steaks Gold membership?

Become a member of Steaklover Rewards Gold! Get FREE standard shipping on any Omaha Steaks order of $79.99 or more for a year for only $39.99/year (saving you money) (including self-purchases and gift-purchases). With every shipment, you’ll also receive a free delectable product as well as double the number of Steaklover Rewards points.

Does Omaha Steaks have a referral program?

A referral program for friends and family is in place. A special invitation to experience Omaha Steaks goods will be sent to the member’s friend by you to the member’s friend. They will receive a $20 discount off their first order as well as access to unique discounts that are only accessible to new customers who sign up via the Referral Program.

How do I cancel my Omaha steaks order?

Contact us at 800-228-9872, which is our toll-free number. Alternatively, you may send us an email at any time of day, seven days a week. Please make sure to provide as much order information as possible so that we can process your request as quickly as possible. We have the right to limit the number of refunds and replacements we provide.

How do you pay for Omaha Steaks?

  1. All major credit cards are accepted
  2. Gift certificates for Omaha Steaks
  3. Pay using PayPal or Venmo
  4. Apple Pay is a payment system developed by Apple Inc.

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