How To Cook Sushi Rice In A Pot?

How do you make perfect sushi rice?

  • The second step for making perfect sushi rice is to add a vinegar solution called the “su“. You’ll need 1 part sushi su for every 4 parts rice. So using the above proportions, here’s a sample recipe for sushi rice: 1. Heat vinegar, sugar, and sake or mirin in a saucepan just to dissolve and combine.

Do you have to use sugar in sushi rice?

Do you need to add sugar to sushi rice?

Yes, but only as much to offset the sour taste of vinegar (about 2 tablespoons for 100 grams of rice).

How do you make sushi rice cold?

Let the rice cool down for a few minutes until it reaches room temperature. Don’t put the rice in the fridge to make it cool faster – that will damage the rice. You can however use a fan, A/C or put it by the window. Important tip – Some people prefer their sushi rice less seasoned.26 May 2017

How do you make sushi rice in a rice cooker Youtube?

How do you make sushi step by step?