How To Cook Chicken Leg Quarters?

How long do you cook chicken leg quarters in a crock pot?

  • Put the chicken leg quarters in a large crockpot and add the assorted seasonings to taste. Cook on high for two hours, then turn the crockpot down to low until the chicken is cooked through and the juices run clear (mine took about 2½ – 3 hours on low).

What temperature is chicken leg quarters done?

165 degrees Fahrenheit

What is a chicken leg quarters?

Leg Quarters: Generally includes a little less than a quarter of the meat on the chicken. The cut includes a thigh, drumstick, and a part of the back. The leg of the chicken consists of two parts, which are the thigh and the drumstick. Consist of dark meat only.

How much is a case of chicken leg quarters?

Leg Quarters Case (40lb)
This is a forty (40lb) pound case of fresh chicken leg quarters. There are approximately 45 leg quarters per case.

How long does it take to boil chicken leg quarters?

Poached Chicken Leg Quarters
Bring the water to a boil, add the meat and return to a boil for three minutes. Then, cover the pot and let it cook for 15 to 18 minutes before removing the chicken.