Where To Put The Living Steak In Riddle School 5?

Move your mouse to the right side of the wall until the message ‘secret door’ appears on the mouse screen. Come inside the room. Take the steak, please. Leave the blue corridor and turn right into the large chamber.

How do you make the steak in tray in Riddle School?

When the dirt in tray and the steak in tray are combined in Riddle School 5, a new item called the steak in tray is produced. When Phil Eggtree is at Riddle School 5, he tries to infuse the life from the potted dirtflower into the steak in order to seduce Oswald, who only eats living meat, but fails.

What is Riddle School 5?

Riddle School 5 is the fifth installment in the Riddle School point-and-click adventure game series, which was developed by JonBro. Help Phil escape from the high school by employing all of your point-and-click adventure game skills to complete the mission. You can post your time once you’ve completed the challenge.

How do you get the hall pass to Riddle School?

CLICK ON THE SUB-PAGES TO BE TRANSFERRED TO RIDDLE SCHOOL SERIES 1-5!! 1. Go to the teacher’s table and click on the sharpener. 2. Head east and unlock the locker by the fountain, where you will receive a hall pass. 3. To enter Ms. Cophey’s room, click north on the screen. 4. Click on the trash bin to grab a feather duster, then exit the room by clicking on the door.

How do you beat Riddle School 4?

  1. Simply click on anything within the classroom, including a person, a blackboard, the ‘Hallway’ icon at the bottom of the screen, or a vacant area on a wall or the ground.
  2. Read the game’s final scene to find out what happens.
  3. You may find out how long it took you to complete ″Riddle School 4″ by looking at the game credits.
  4. The only thing you have to do in the intro is click through the dialogue.

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