What Is Wettable Flank?

This design feature refers to the presence of a fillet on the mounting edge of an integrated circuit that allows you to view and confirm that a suitable connection has been established on a pad that is not visible once the chip has been soldered to a circuit board or printed circuit board (PCB).

Wettable flanks (WF) are alterations to the exposed terminal ends, which “promote solder wetting for the creation of a solder fillet” that is visible. Using a QFN package with a wettable flank enables visual inspection of the soldering, which can boost reliability, while saving cost at the same time.

What is the wettable flank process?

The wettable flank technique entails making a partial incision into the terminal edge in order to expose a flank on the side. The flank is plated with the entire thickness of tin in the following phase of the tin plating process. The intricacy of the exposed flank, which is tin plated, may be seen in the image to the right.

What is the best wettable flank mount for my product?

Meco now offers a complete solution for your wettable flank products in the form of the Meco WFL-20. The Meco WFL-20 wettable flank surface mount is a technologically sophisticated solution for your wettable flank surface mount needs. Download the product flyer from the link provided below.

What are the wettable flanks of LF-BTCS?

Flanks that are wettable Because a mechanical singulation procedure, i.e. either sawing or punching, is necessary in the mass manufacturing of LF-BTCs, any surface of the leadframe formed by this singulation process will be constituted entirely of Cu without the addition of any plating or coating.

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Where to find side wettable flanks for leadless automotive packaging?

Packaging with Side Wettable Flanches for Leadless Automotive Packaging Amkor Whitepaper 1 Side Wettable Flanks for Leadless Automotive Packaging Amkor Whitepaper 1. Marc A. Mangrum, Ph.D. Amkor Technology, Inc. is located at 2045 East Innovation Circle in Tempe, Arizona, 85284, United States. Abstract

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