What Is The Meaning Of Flank?

The piece of flesh on the body of a human or an animal between the last rib and the hip; sometimes known as the side of the body. 2. A piece of flesh taken from the side of a cow or other animal. The flank of a mountain is an example of a lateral section or side. When attacking a military unit from the right or left flank, the term ″flank″ is used.

How do you use flank in a sentence?

A tiny cluster of dwellings clings to the mountain’s eastern edge on the eastern side. The president was joined by key advisors at the press conference. Secret Service personnel stood on either side of the president’s automobile. The left flank of the adversary was attacked by troops. The flanks of a human or animal are the sides of their bodies that go between the ribs and the hips.

What is a flanking marker?

The flanks of a human or animal are the sides of their bodies that go between the ribs and the hips. With the help of flanking markers, we may make educated guesses about the locations and magnitude of the impacts of quantitative trait loci.

What flank means?

In quadrupeds, the fleshy region of the side between the ribs and hip is referred to as the side. She touched the horse’s flank with a kind touch. b: a piece of meat from this portion of an animal — see depiction of beef for more information. 2a: The eastern flank of a volcano is referred to as the side. Right or left flanks of a formation assaulted the opponent from both sides.

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Does flank mean side?

A flank is defined as the space between an animal’s or person’s lowest rib and hip. To flank something is to stand on the opposite side of it from that object. In the military, a flank refers to the left or right flank of an army or a fleet of ships, respectively.

How do you use the word flank?

Having something or someone on each side of you is advantageous. (1) He pressed his palm against the dog’s flank. Secondly, we were attacked from behind on our left flank. (3) We have been given orders to strike their left flank.

What is an example of flank?

In human or animal anatomy, the flank is defined as the side region of the body that extends between the lowest rib and the hip joint. Generally speaking, the flank is the side of a person that extends a few inches over the waistline on either side.

Where is flank located?

When you look at your abdomen, you’ll notice that it has two sides and a back that runs between your lower ribs and hips.

What is a flank in military?

A flanking maneuver is a movement of an armed force around the side, or flank, of an opposing force in order to gain an advantageous position over it in military strategy and tactics.

Is flank left or right?

It is the portions surrounding the sides of your body that extend from the upper abdomen to the back that are known as your flanks. If you’re experiencing discomfort in this area, whether as right or left flank pain, the source of your discomfort might be one of the following problems.

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What is an open flank?

The portion of the flank protected by the orillon of a fortification.

What is a flank man?

In humans and animals, the side that runs between the ribcage and the hip is referred to as the ribcage. 2 The outside portion of the human thigh, used in a broad sense.

What is flank in PUBG?

Flanking is a shooting game method in which one circles around the other team in order to surprise the latter and launch an attack from an unknown area. Whenever a player is flanking an opposing squad, he or she must exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings.

What are antonyms for flank?

To be adjacent to or adjacent to another is the inverse of to adjoin or be adjacent to. detach. disconnect.

What does flank mean in gaming?

When attacking an adversary from the flanks where their focus point is located, this is referred to as flanking.This is done in order to acquire a tactical edge over the adversary.It is not exclusive to heroes, and it is something that anybody and everyone may attain or do during a battle situation or situational situation.A flanker is considerably simpler to perform when you have mobility heroes on your side.

What organs are in the flank area?

Problems with the pancreas or the liver The pancreas and liver are located deep within the abdomen, right below the level of the ribs. Flanking discomfort can be caused by disorders with these organs on occasion. In addition, the discomfort might extend to the back.

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What is a flank volcano?

When a volcanic eruption happens on the sides of a volcano rather than at its summit, it is referred to as a flank eruption. The magma chamber below is forced to shift laterally when the conduit linking the summit and the magma chamber below is closed, resulting in an eruption.

What is the meaning of flanked in Marathi?

This is how to translate ‘flank’:

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