How To Cook Top Round London Broil?

What is the best cut of London broil?

  • Although the traditionally used cut of meat for London Broil is the flank steak, some also use cuts such as top rounds, blade roast or sirloin tip roasts in this dish. In order to prepare this dish, the meat needs to be marinated for several hours.

What is top round London broil?

Traditionally speaking, a London broil is a top round roast, flank or skirt steak, and is a great money-saving option for family meals or anyone on a budget.

Because it’s a lean muscle cut, it also tends to be tougher due to its low fat content.9 Aug 2018

Why is my London broil tough?

London broil starts out tough because it’s so lean. It gets tougher the longer it’s cooked because it dries out. Your best strategy is to keep it medium rare and slice it cross-grain. Serve it with gravy or au jus to add flavor and moisture.26 Jan 2018

How do you use London broil?

The cooking method “London broil” involves marinating flank steak and then grilling it or broiling it. The cooked steak is then thinly sliced across the grain so that it’s easier to chew. If you see a cut labeled “London broil” at the supermarket, it’s a good candidate for this marinating and grilling cooking method.2 Mar 2010

How long does it take for a London broil to cook in the oven?

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Place the roast in a roasting pan, pour stewed tomatoes over it, and season with garlic salt. Roast for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, until fork tender. Let stand for about 10 minutes at room temperature before carving and serving.

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What is the difference between a top round roast and a London broil?

London broil/flank is typically long and flat, about two inches thick. Top round is a rounder, bulkier muscle, typically about six inches in diameter.

How do you tenderize round steak?

Instructions: To properly tenderize a steak, lay the steak out on a plate and cover each side with approximately 1 teaspoon of kosher/sea salt before cooking. Use your fingers to gently work the salt granules into the surface, breaking down the fibers of the meat. (For even more flavor, add crushed garlic to the salt.)