Which Way To Cut Skirt Steak?

Whenever possible, while preparing skirt steak, it’s preferable to cut it against the grain of the muscle fibers, as is the case with other steak cuts.When you cut meat against the grain, you make it more soft and easier to chew than when you cut it with the grain.Follow the instructions in this article to learn how to correctly cut a skirt steak so that each mouthful is soft and full of flavor.

How do you cut a steak to make it tender?

You’ll want to slice against the grain, producing perpendicular slices that create a ″T″ with the grain once you’ve determined where it is located on the grain. In doing so, it slices through the muscle fibers and shortens them to match the length of the slice. Because the fibers are shorter, they are considerably simpler to chew, producing in a steak that is exquisitely tender.

How to slice a steak the right way?

It’s important to cut it in the proper manner. When slicing a steak, always cut against the grain, which means that you should cut against the direction in which the muscle fibers are running. This is true for all types of meat and all cut sizes.

What does it mean to cut skirt steak against the grain?

These are lengthy lines of muscle fibers that go from one end to the other, and are extremely well defined in their appearance. Making thin slices of skirt steak against the grain will result in the most tender results. Cutting perpendicular to the lengthy parallel muscle fibers present on the steak will allow you to cut against the grain of the meat.

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What is the best way to cook skirt steak?

For this reason, the best way to cook skirt steak is rapidly over the hottest grill you can get your hands on. In fact, some individuals may even forego using a grill completely and instead cook their meat straight over the embers on the barbecue.

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