What Is Snap On Flank Drive?

Snap-on developed a thin-walled socket that could supply more power while neither sliding or rounding the edges of the socket.We developed the Flank Drive and patented it, resulting in a tool that had never been seen before in the industry.These sockets improve torque while also preventing the edges of fasteners from rounding out.Improved performance is achieved by the use of a thin wall design and homogeneous wall thickness.

What is special about Snap-on?

Snap-on has been a pioneer in the professional tool market since its founding in 1920. Our goods are generally acknowledged by specialists as being of the best possible quality.

What is Flank Drive Xtra?

The Flank Drive Xtra Socket System from Snap-on is designed to provide more turning power, a more secure fastener engagement, and higher efficiency than other socket systems. The six-point sockets are built to hold the fastener further away from the corners, while the inclined shape of the socket wall aids in the gripping of damaged fasteners more closely as well.

Is Blue Point snap-on?

In the Snap-On tool family, Blue Point represents the lower-end of the product line. They are constructed to the same specs as Snap-On products, but with a different finish. Despite the fact that Snap-On owns Blue Point, Blue Point tools are manufactured under contract by third-party manufacturers. Blue Point tools are not labeled with the Snap-On logo or name.

When did snap-on start Flank Drive?

Because of modeling technologies such as finite element analysis, Snap-on engineers developed the Flank Drive Plus wrenching mechanism in 1990, which offered the user with 40 percent more turning power than the previous generation. Soft-grip screwdrivers and ergonomically designed pliers were introduced in order to increase worker comfort and productivity.

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Does Harbor Freight own Snap-On?

It has come to light that there have been disputes between the two firms, and Harbor Freight frequently ″compares″ its equipment to Snap-higher-priced on’s goods in marketing jargon. Unless someone can provide actual evidence to the contrary, it is reasonable to conclude that Harbor Freight does not own Snap-on Tools.

Is Snap-On overpriced?

What exactly is it? It is expensive to purchase Snap-On tools since they are built of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The majority of their instruments are manufactured in the United States, which increases labor prices dramatically. Furthermore, they provide a lifetime guarantee on the majority of their products, as well as free repairs and replacements.

What are snap-on power sockets?

Snap-on continues by stating that each socket is developed and constructed with specific purposes in mind, and that they are made to tackle that specific duty alone. The company also warns that users should exercise caution while using a chrome hand socket on an impact pistol. A thick walled impact socket with either a black phosphate or a black oxide finish is used in this application.

Who makes snap-on sockets?

A subsidiary of Danaher is the manufacturer of MatCo Tools, which ranks third among manufacturers of mobile automotive equipment (behind MAC and Snap-On).Almost all Craftsman tools manufactured by Stanley at factories in Dallas, Texas, Witchita Falls, Texas, and Sabina, Ohio, are older than around five years and were manufactured by Stanley in Dallas, Texas, Witchita Falls, Texas, and Sabina, Ohio

Who makes flank drive sockets?

Because of the geometry of the sockets, the 3-4-in. Dr. Flank Drive impact socket wrenches and combination wrenches from Snap-on Industrial, Kenosha, Wis. (www.snapon.com), provide up to 20% more turning power than comparable models.

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Is Kobalt made by Snap-On?

In 2003, the Danaher Corporation acquired the production of Kobalt tools, and J.H.Williams was renamed Snap-On Tools to reflect the acquisition. Lowe’s moved manufacturers once more in 2011, this time to J.S. Products of Nevada, which continues to produce the tools today.

Who owns Snap-On?


Type Public
Founder Joseph Johnson Bill Seidemann
Headquarters Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.
Key people Nicholas T. Pinchuk, Chairman CEO Aldo J. Pagliari, CFO
Products Professional Automotive and Industrial Tools and Equipment

Does Snap-On have a lifetime warranty?

Hand tools (other than torque wrenches) and tool storage units made under the SNAP-ON brand are covered by a LIFETIME guarantee that is valid for the duration of your ownership of the item covered by the warranty.Unless otherwise indicated with the tool, the warranty on BLUE-POINT brand hand tools is also a LIFETIME warranty, which means that it is valid for as long as you own the instrument in question.

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