What Are Filet Mignon Medallions?

  1. The term ″filet medallion″ really refers to the way the meat is sliced by the butcher.
  2. To make filet medallions, a butcher cuts filets into smaller, thicker circles rather than one giant filet, which results in smaller, thicker circles.
  3. Filet mignon may be prepared in a variety of ways thanks to this cut, which is particularly useful in dishes that call for smaller beef portions.
  • In addition to Filet Mignon Medallions, what else do people refer to them as?

What can I do with filet mignon medallions?

They are as soft as our original Filet Mignons, and they will melt in your mouth when you bite into them. A lighter dinner, they are also excellent for kabobs, stir-fries, steak salad, and even as a special treat for breakfast. Please see the following link for further cooking instructions:

What cut of meat is medallion steak?

Medallions are little spherical steaks that are cut into medallions. Medallions derived from other cuts, like as the strip loin, are occasionally seen on the market as well. Beef medallions are often cut from the tenderloin, which is the same piece of meat that is used to make filet mignon (filet mignon).

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