AUGUST 13, 2011


The food blog community, although feels big, it is really very small.  Between Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, and so many more social media avenues, we all pretty much know what is going on, in every major time zone, at any given time of the day.  Social media is powerful.


When Jennifer Perillo (In Jennie’s Kitchen) tweeted, “He’s gone.  And my heart is shattered in a million pieces”, the message that her husband, of 12 years, had just suddenly died of a heart attack could be felt world wide.  Everyone reached out. And although most of us don’t live in her time zone, we all wanted to let her know that we were there for her.

I have never met Jennifer.  Regardless, I wanted her to know that I empathized with her pain.  My dad died over four years ago and I found comfort in those that  lent a hand, made a meal, or merely sent a note. So, when the community asked Jennifer what could we do to help, she replied humbly. She asked that we all make her husband Mikey’s favorite pie and to share it with those that we love.

Food is comfort. Food brings people together. Food has brought a group of unknowns together in the most unusual way.  So many food bloggers came together to share Jennifer’s love and loss. Amanda has not only posted a poignant post (here) but she listed all the peanut butter pies that are being shared in honor of Jennifer’s husband, Mikey.

Today, hug your partner, your spouse, your kids, and those that you love.  Be grateful.  Be in the moment.

Jennifer’s Peanut Butter Pie Recipe can be found on her blog – In Jennie’s Kitchen