What Part Does A Tomahawk Steak Come From?

The tomahawk is a highly marbled, beautifully soft and tasty steak that is predominantly derived from the longissimus dorsi (Latin for ″longest one″) dorsi, or loin, of the steer. This is made up of two muscles that run down both sides of the spine of the steer, which are located outside of the rib cage.

What part of the cow is a tomahawk steak?

In order to cut off the tomahawk, the beef rib is used – the same primal part as any other ribeye. There are 6-12 rib primals on the rib primal, and the steak is exceptionally thick (at least 2 inches thick). This cut will include the longissimus dorsi (eye of ribeye), spinalis (ribeye cap), and complexus (the back of the ribeye).

What is the best way to cut a tomahawk steak?

Butchers cut the tomahawk steak off the rib, exactly as they would any other rib steak from the same animal.Tomahawk cuts are often two inches or more in thickness.The longissimus dorsi, spinalis, and complexus are all included in the cut by the butcher.It is possible to cut the rib primal from 6 to 12 while leaving the bone in situ, and then chop the fragments into separate huge portions.

What is a tomahawk rib primal?

Approximately 6th to 12th ribs are included in this primal portion of the beef. There are three key muscles present in a Tomahawk/ribeye steak: the oblique, the ribeye, and the flank. The Longissimus Dorsi (ribeye eye), the Spinalis Dorsi (ribeye cap), and the Complexus are the three muscles involved in ribeye preparation.

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Why is tomahawk steak so expensive?

However, because the bone contributes significantly to the flavor of the flesh, if you want a tomahawk, you’ll have to pay for it. What Is the Reason for the High Cost? The cut of the steak and the presence of the bone are the reasons why it is so pricey. Frenching a cut of meat takes time, and butchers should be paid for their efforts in this area.

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