How To Cook Frozen Collard Greens?

What is the best way to cook collard greens?

  • There are many delicious ways to cook collard greens, but this is best-known way to do it in the South—low and slow in a stockpot (or slow cooker) with plenty of bold, smoky ingredients to amp up the flavor of the greens. These collard greens may take a few hours to simmer, but they only require a few minutes of hands-on cooking time.

How do you reheat frozen collard greens?

Open package and pour frozen collard greens into a saucepan.

Cover with water.

Boil for 3 minutes.

Reduce heat, cover and simmer 25-30 minutes.

How do you defrost cooked collard greens?

Can collard greens be frozen?

Can you freeze collard greens? Yes, to freeze: (1) Wash greens thoroughly and cut off woody stems; (2) Blanch (plunge into boiling water) for three minutes and chill quickly in ice cold water; (3) Drain off excess moisture, package in airtight containers or freezer bags and freeze immediately.

How do you make collard greens tender?