How Many Calories Are In A Subway Steak And Cheese?

Calories in a Footlong Steak and Cheese from Subway A Footlong Steak and Cheese sandwich from Subway contains 760 calories. Carbohydrates account for the majority of those calories (50 percent ).

How many calories is in a steak and cheese sub from Subway?

One Subway 6′ Steak & Cheese sandwich (161 g) has 320 calories and is high in fat.

How many calories are in a 12 inch steak and cheese from Subway?

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 each (514g)
How many calories are in Subway Steak and Cheese 12′? Amount of calories in Subway Steak and Cheese 12′: Calories 1200 Calories from Fat 549 (45.7%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Subway Steak and Cheese 12′? Amount of fat in Subway Steak and Cheese 12′: Total Fat 61g

How many calories are in a 6 inch steak and cheese from Subway?

Nutritional Information for Subway’s 6′ Steak & Cheese

Serving Size 6′ sub sandwich
Calories 380
Calories From Fat 90
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 10g 15%

Is steak and cheese sub healthy?

There are 10 grams of total fat in the Steak & Cheese sandwich, with 4.5 grams of the fat coming from saturated fat. There are 50 milligrams of cholesterol in it, but there is no trans fat in it. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating a diet heavy in saturated fat puts you at risk for obesity, heart disease, and other linked health concerns, among other things.

How many calories are in a 6 steak and cheese sub?

380 Calories

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Fat 10 g
Carbs 49 g
Fiber 5 g
Protein 26 g

Is Subway healthy for weight loss?

The bottom line is this: When compared to other fast food restaurants, Subway provides a greater selection of healthy meal alternatives. As a whole, Subway’s menu items are low in sugar and provide a good supply of fiber and protein; nevertheless, many of them are also high in fat and salt. Subway’s appeal stems in part from the fact that you can personalize your meal.

Is steak and cheese good from Subway?

Although it is not an original Philly Cheesesteak, it is a good substitute. It comes with a generous portion of sliced steak, melted cheese, and vegetables, and the pricing is reasonable. Plus, with all of the many condiment, bread, and cheese combinations available, it’s simple to discover a variation that you truly appreciate.

What is the healthiest bread at Subway?

Which type of subway bread is the healthiest? There are many different types of bread available at Subway, but the 9-Grain Wheat Bread and the 9-Grain Honey Oat Bread are the healthiest options. When compared to other varieties of sandwiches such as Jalapeo Cheese and Flatbread, these two contain fewer calories.

Is the steak at Subway Real?

Fans of Subway’s steak subs may be curious as to what kind of meat is used in the subs themselves. In other words, Subway’s steak is not the same as steak you may order at a restaurant, but it is beef nonetheless. Having said that, the steak product is pre-cooked and resembles jerky, albeit it is soft and juicy, unlike jerky, and has a distinct flavor.

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Which Subway cheese is healthiest?

With just 50 more calories and only 30 milligrams of sodium, Swiss cheese is the healthiest option, but you can dress it up with honey mustard, light mayonnaise, sweet onion sauce, yellow mustard, or barbecue sauce without going over the 350-calorie line.

What is the most unhealthy Subway sandwich?

  1. The 10 Most Unhealthiest Sandwiches at Subway (Slideshow) 8) Marinara sauce with meatballs (no cheese)
  2. 7) Tuna (no cheese or additional mayonnaise)
  3. 6) Sriracha Chicken Melt (serves 6 people).
  4. 5) Steak and Bacon Melt (optional).
  5. 4. A massive Philly Cheesesteak.
  6. 3) Spicy Italian (Italian-style chili) (no cheese or mayo) Fat content: 24 grams.
  7. 2) Sriracha Steak Melt (fat content: 28 grams).
  8. 1) Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt (28 grams of fat)
  9. 2) Chicken & Bacon Ranch Dip (28 grams of fat).

What is the lowest calorie sandwich at Subway?

As a result, as of 5/21/21, the 6′′ Veggie Delite® sandwich continues to be the lowest calorie Subway sandwich, at 190 calories. In the event that you want meat on your sandwich—and of course you want, after all, this is America—the 6′′ Turkey Breast sandwich has 250 calories and is the lowest calorie sandwich with meat.

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