DECEMBER 29, 2011


2011 was a year filled with travel, food, new friendships, and self-reinvention. It was the year that I took many of my passions; photography, writing, meal planning, marketing/branding, and art directing, and rather than just doing it for myself, I am now getting paid by others to help them conceptualize their dreams.

I get paid to be creative and exercise my passions. Not bad, right? This past year took me to Mexico, Paris, and many other wonderful cities in the U.S. of A., and through those travels I met many wonderful people, learned more and more about myself, and realized(at 50), that I can balance both work and family.

Collectively, my kids and I compiled a list of some of our favorite recipes(both savory and sweet) that nurtured us throughout the year. I am grateful to have this place to share my family, my love for food, and my experiences. Happy 2012!