Friday is upon us again and for me, this means two things. Friday night always includes family and sometimes includes close friends to bring in Shabbat. We set the table with our best of the best, I make an extraordinary meal, and we enjoy an evening of family game night(no electronics, no media, etc). The second given on most Friday’s is something delicious that has been prepared from Dorie Greenspan’s book, around my french table. I am part of this wonderful group – French Friday’s with Dorie. Each Friday, we all cook the same recipe and share our tales – both the highs and the lows.


I wrote last week about community in my post about Food Blog Camp. I neglected to include this community, French Friday’s with Dorie. What I love most about this community is that we all share one common thread; Dorie Greenspan. For me, Dorie’s recipes do not feel overwhelming. She presents them in a way that makes the home cook feel good about trying something outside their comfort zone. I am anxious and excited to explore all 530 pages of this book with food-loving folks whom live near and far.

This weeks task is a very decadent chocolate cake. If I can be perfectly honest, I had to make this cake twice. The cake failed me the first time around. The recipe calls for an 8″ spring form pan. I have several spring form pans, but not an eight inch. So, I opted to make it in a 9″. Big mistake. If you want your cake to resemble one large pancake then the 9″ pan is for you. Although it tasted good, it didn’t resemble a cake. I emailed Dorie and she thought maybe I over whipped my egg whites. I made a second batch and this time I used a 7 1/2″ spring form pan and I whipped my whites slightly less than I had the first time creating a perfect cake.

This cake doesn’t feel heavy when you are eating it and a small slice is just the right amount. I love this cake. It takes 20 minutes to make the batter and very little time to bake. Plus, the ingredients are simple: bittersweet chocolate, butter, sugar, salt, eggs, coffee! Basic pantry items, don’t you agree?! If you don’t have this book, I highly suggest it and once you do get the book – make this cake. You can thank me later!

Michel Rostang’s Double Chocolate Mousse Cake