Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles

Looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day? Then try making this Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles recipe we have for you today.

While these decadent Irish cream chocolate ganache truffles might seem intimidating at first glance, they are nothing to be afraid of. With only 5 ingredients (or more if you want a more festive coating) these boozy, chocolaty goodies are a doozy to make.

Considering the simplicity of this recipe, the one thing you have to get right is the quality of the ingredients. This is the time to not skimp on the chocolate, as it will make a huge difference in the flavor of your truffles.

Type of Chocolate

Get the best quality chocolate you can afford on your budget. To have the chocolate melt faster and more smoothly, you should opt for the chocolate in bar form and cut it into small bits, as it won’t have the stabilizers that are regularly added into chocolate chips do (this is what allows them to keep their shape in cookies). But if you are in a pinch and have only chocolate chips you can still use them to make some great Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles.

Whether you prefer milk chocolate or darker chocolate, you can use either of them to make your truffles.

I like combining milk chocolate with dark chocolate for my truffles. The milk chocolate goes well with the Irish Cream while the dark chocolate enhances the flavor and richness of the milk chocolate and gives it more depth. The coffee gives that extra oomph to your chocolate flavor.

Pro Tips for Making Truffles

A very important tip is to never get your chocolate wet. If any droplets of water come into contact with the chocolate, this will make it seize or thicken or harden, and then you will not be able to temper it (more on what that is later) for your chocolate truffles.

If the sugar crystals in chocolate get wet, this will make them clump. But if the chocolate has seized, do not fret; you can still save it by adding a little more water. Confusing, right? Let me explain- while this will not revert the chocolate to its original form, the water will dissolve the clumped sugar crystals and make the mass smooth again.

Tempering the Chocolate

Tempering is when you warm and cool your chocolate at different temperatures. This process gives your chocolate a smooth and glossy finish, and a crisp snap when you take a bite out of it. Also, the chocolate won’t melt when you touch it with your fingers.

The ingredient that gives the chocolate its sumptuous melting feature is cocoa butter, which is comprised of six types of crystals. Each type of crystal forms or sets at different temperatures, with some of these forms being more unstable than others.

If your chocolate gets slightly warm but is not melted yet, some of the cocoa butter crystals will migrate to the surface giving the chocolate a dusty aspect. This is called blooming. And while you can still eat or bake with it, it can’t be tempered.

When tempering, you want to get all the different types of crystals melted and the chocolate smooth, liquid and with no lumps.

For bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, you want to reach a temperature of 122°F/50°C, and for milk or white chocolate, 105°F/40°C.

Avoid using a microwave and getting any water in the chocolate (simmering water).

Seeding is a type of tempering in which you add more chopped chocolate to your melted chocolate in order to stabilize crystals formations in the melted one.

Stir continuously until the chocolate cools down and reaches 90°F/32°C; even 86°F/30°C for dark chocolate or 84°F/28.9°C for milk or white.

Tempered chocolate will harden quite quickly (within 3 to 5 minutes) and leave a firm and shiny finish that is not sticky to touch.

But you do not need to be a tempering master to make your Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles. This is for the die-hard chocolatiers. Just keep in mind to be patient when you cool your truffles before and after you make your coating (if you opt for a chocolate coating).

The Right Tools

Spend less time making your truffles by using a cookie scoop, a melon baller, or scoop holding. This will allow you to make perfectly round balls without much effort. You just scoop, roll it around in your palms for a bit, and place them on the parchment paper.

The Coating

You can coat your Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles in cocoa powder to even out the sweetness of the truffle. But if you are not a fan of bitter flavors you can use some chocolate sprinkles, powdered sugar or even some expresso coffee.

For some extra texture and crunch, roll your truffles in some ground-up nut mix. Of course, you can go the extra mile and make glossy chocolate glaze.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 ounces dark chocolate bars
  • 5 ounces of milk chocolate bars
  • ⅔ cup heavy cream
  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 4 teaspoons instant coffee powder
  • ¼ cup Irish Cream or whiskey
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder


  • Cut your chocolate into small pieces and add them in a large heatproof bowl.
  • Take your heavy cream and butter and put them in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir the ingredients and make sure the cream doesn’t boil over.
  • Immediately after the mixture reaches a boil, remove from the heat and incorporate the instant coffee. Take the hot mixture and pour it over your chopped chocolate and stir until your chocolate has completely melted.
  • Now pour in the Irish Cream and continue stirring.
  • Pour the truffle mix into a 9 x 9 baking pan, cover and let in the fridge for about 1-4 hours until it sets.
  • Using your cookie scoop, take a scoop of mix and roll it into your hands to form even balls.
  • Dip your truffle balls into melted dark chocolate, cocoa powder or crushed nuts.
  • If you have opted for a melted chocolate coating, let the truffles for another hour in the fridge.

Now enjoy your rich, silky, and luxurious Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles!