I started this blog nearly three years ago.  Prior to that I had spent 17 years building a prominent children’s furniture business which introduced me to many wonderful experiences.  Flew around the country meeting interesting people, designed sets for both movies(the nursery for Father of the Bride II) and television, appeared on the Oprah show in Winter of 1999. Was featured in lots of magazines, and wrote a book; Rooms to Grow In for Clarkson Potter. It was a wonderful ride filled with an over abundance of creativity and completely rewarding.


After Levi was born in 2005, I started losing my passion for what I was doing. I thought about going to grad school, or accepting a job in the marketing department of one of the big Hollywood studios, but what I really wanted to do was hang close to home. While I was trying to figure out what my next move was going to be, I started this blog.

Not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I learned by doing. And in doing so, I developed friendships with other like minded foodies, food stylists, photographers, writers, and moms. Actually, started socializing with some of these lovely ladies and learned more and more how to turn a blog into a business.  My blog doesn’t generate enough money to call it a business. But, taking all of my marketing and p.r. tools while building my brand; Little Folk Art, Inc., and the new tools I was learning via blogging, I combined that knowledge from both worlds and started getting paid while helping others. I now have a handful of clients/accounts(designers, artisans, retailers, manufacturers, jewelers, and a movie producer) that I consult with on several levels.  For some I only do their photography and social media.  For others I oversee all of their on-line marketing, art direct their websites, set up their editorial calendars, as well as their six month objectives. I create story ideas for shelter magazines, style and photograph their product, and create their media packets. Yet, mainly what I promote is building and growing their brand. And I love it. I love all of it.

One of my accounts is an amazingly, creative woman who started her business about 22 years ago and has not stopped since.  Her energy is infectious and when the two of get into a room together, a thousand light bulbs go off. Our working relationship started about a year ago when she had asked me to bake for her son’s bar mitzvah luncheon. It was there that the dialogue began. Today, she calls me her “art director and media guru”, and I love growing with her. Deborah has a keen eye and her interior design business is bursting at the seams. I love her products, both created in her studio/warehouse and those that she sources from around the world. I want you all to know about Deborah and D.L. Rhein and that is why I am sharing some of my favorite Halloween items with you.

I am offering a giveaway of these handy and festive jars. I just filled these jars with homemade candy and took them to a friends as a hostess gift.  My kids put their pennies in them and I like to keep them on the table filled with whatever for the whole month of October. Along with these two jars I will also include a bag of my