JUNE 7, 2009

Sunday, the 7th, was my in-laws anniversary.  We made plans to meet them for breakfast.  Although we were taking them out for breakfast, I couldn’t walk into to their home empty handed.

I had had some buttermilk that needed to be used up. Since I have been neglecting my Nancy Silverton Challenge, this was the perfect opportunity to work on completing the task I previously committed to (baking my way through the entire book).
I choose the Fruit and Nut scones, A) because it was the morning and what better way to start off ones morning than with a scone and B) I needed to use up the buttermilk that was on the verge of becoming something super nasty.
make the dough and then shape in a flan ring or spring form pan


cut into 8th’s and then separate and bake
They were easy and delicious.  I am going to make these again and swap out some of the fruit for other ingredients.  Be on the lookout for a modified version of these.