I had some cream cheese in my fridge that I definitely needed to find a use for.  I have been really into my Joy of Cooking cookbook and have been reading it extensively.
I happened to be snack mom for Isaac’s baseball team, so this seemed like the perfect after game snack.  This is a really easy recipe to assemble.  I love cakes and brownie recipes that don’t always require using the big heavy mixer.  And this is one of those recipes (used my hand held mixer to cream the cream cheese, sugar and the egg).  Don’t get me wrong, if (god forbid) we were required to evacuate our home, my mixer would be one of the three items I would grab and throw in the car.
The cupcakes were out of the oven about 15 minutes before the boys got home from school.  They were gobbled up by the boys and their friends and never made it to the baseball game!
I really didn’t want the balance of the cupcakes in the house, so I packed some up for the “moms” on the team.  Another mom brought guacamole and chips and some other goodies.  Now all we need is for someone to bring the margaritas and we can have our very own happy hour at the park!