Best Marble Rolling Pins 2022 – Our Top Picks

Contrary to popular belief, not all rolling pins are made equal. Getting the proper one might be the difference between a flawless pie crust and one which goes flat, based on what you prefer to make.

When searching for a rolling pin, think about the lengths of the barrel, the materials it’s made of, and if you need to shape your dough to a certain thickness, as well as how easy it is to use. Many of these come in different types. It is up to you that whether to use a French-style rolling pin or one with grips and handles. There are a few guidelines to follow, such as using a marble rolling pin for making puff pastry because the rolling pin itself stays cool.

In this article, we will go through the top best marble rolling pins on the market to help you choose the best one for you and a full guide regarding marble rolling pins.

How To Choose a Rolling Pin?

A rolling pin appears to be a tiny curiosity that anybody can buy without thinking about all of the features that come with it. Apart from size, each rolling pin operates the same way for each and every user.

Regardless, the most crucial consideration when purchasing a rolling pin is comfort. Whichever rolling pin you choose should be pleasant to handle and fit well in your hand to get the desired outcome. If your rolling pin continually slips or messes up the dough, it might be an indication that you chose the wrong one.

Whether you hate rolling out biscuits or pie, getting a great rolling pin eliminates flaws, providing top-notch results which only a professional can boast about. As a result, the look of your dough is determined by your equipment instead of your abilities or years of expertise.

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Rolling Pin.

Get To Know The Types Of Rolling Pins

Rolling pins are classified into three types: rollers, rods, and textured pins.

The roller type is the most popular in use. They’re cylinder-shaped and have handles on both sides. The design enables simple 360-degree rotation of the handles.

Rods and rollers are the same things. They share the same design, whereas with the roller, which has two handles, and the rod only has one, which does not limit its mobility in any manner, despite the fact that turning in all directions is difficult. Metal or steel is used to make rod rolling pins.

The textured type, as the name implies, has a rough surface that leaves an imprint on the dough. It makes the dough a beautiful pattern, making it ideal for baking bread, desserts, and pastries.

The Material It’s Made Of

A large number of rolling pins are made of wood, although others are made of stainless steel and metal, such as rods or textured rolling pins.

You can’t really go wrong with a wooden rolling pin. They are not affected by temperature, cold or hot, and contain a coating of flour to keep the dough from adhering to the rolling pin.

Metal, as well as stainless steel pins, are not very heavy. The only distinction is that they are weather-sensitive. They feel chilly throughout the winter and heat when exposed to too much sunlight.

The substance of the rolling pin will affect the amount of work necessary to complete smoothing your dough. Metal pins are much heavier than wooden pins, which affects how the pin is handled. Metal pins might not always contain much flour, but they have a nonstick surface that guarantees you don’t over-flour the dough.

The Design

Before purchasing a rolling pin, you should be aware of the many designs available. The substance of the rolling pin has a significant influence. However, its design and other elements which come with it should be taken into account as well.

When choosing a rolling pin, keep in mind that the ideal one should fit the size of the pastry and also your baking. Secondly, the grip and handle of the rolling pin should be wide enough to allow you to retain touch with the product. There must be the option to make changes too so you don’t have to mess with the product while it’s in use.

Washing The Rolling Pins

Whether you choose a wooden, marble, or metallic rolling pin, all of these pins are constructed of long-lasting materials. A plastic scraper is useful for getting rid of residual flour before washing.

Steel, aluminum, or silicone rolling pins may be cleaned in the dishwasher, but wooden as well as marble pins must be hand-washed using warm water and dried using moist cloths before storage. Even if wood pins are not resistant to damage, prolonged immersion in water produces wear and fractures.

Mineral oil should be rubbed all over the hardwood surface of a wooden rolling pin before preserving it to enhance lifespan. As a result, you should think about this additional effort before using any rolling pin.

Consider Using Marble Rolling Pins

Not every rolling pin will meet your requirements. Marble pins are handy in the kitchen and also have a beautiful appearance. They are, however, handier when working with bread or cookie dough because they provide you with that additional elbow to handle greasy portions.

French rollers are preferred by most bakers because they allow for greater maneuverability. Its form allows users to adapt their pin towards the movements of the dough, allowing it to move easily from start to finish and smoothly through its edges. Because the French pin lacks edges, it is best suited for light dough.

Despite the fact that marble pins are more visually appealing, stainless steel pins remain equally popular among bakers. This is due to the fact that they are simple to clean and will not leave any stains behind. Stainless steel is ideal for individuals who enjoy working with extremely flavorful dishes since it does not leave any aftertaste.

Selecting rolling pins should not be rushed. You should think about your baking practices. For example, if you produce little chops, French rollers should be the best option for you; however, if you manufacture items that require thick dough, then you will probably want a pin that allows you more flexibility, such as marble rolling pins.

Top 5 Best Marbel Rolling Pins of 2021

Product Details
Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin Material: Marble

Brand: Fox Run

Color: Green

Item Dimensions LxWxH:         2.5 x 18 x 3 inches

Item Weight:          4.5 Pounds


Snugrom Polished Marble Rolling Pin Material: Marble

Brand: Snugrom

Color: Black / White

Item Dimensions LxWxH:         18 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight:          5 Pounds

Fox Run 3834 Marble Rolling Pin Material: Marble

Brand: Fox Run

Color: Black

Item Dimensions LxWxH:         2.5 x 18 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight:          4.6 Pounds

Norpro Marble Pastry/Pizza Roller Material: Marble

Brand: Norpro

Item Dimensions LxWxH:         7.5 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches

Item Weight:          1.1 Pounds

French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin With Stand Material: Marble

Brand: Crate and Barrel

Color: White

1.    Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

This 100% marble rolling pin is both gorgeous and functional, and it arrives with a matching stand for easy storage and management. The barrel of this American-type rolling pin is 10.5 inches long, which is typical for this design.

With over 1,800 reviews, this choice has a 4.7-star ranking, with customers stating that they particularly enjoy using this rolling pin for pastries and pies dough, which require the butter to be kept as cold as possible. Another reviewer praised the pin’s “durability and sturdiness,” but bear in mind that it is fairly weighty at 4.6 pounds.

What We Like About It

  • Great length and diameter with handles
  • Made entirely of marble
  • It has nylon ball bearings for smooth rolling, hardwood grips for a secure grip
  • Excellent for spreading out the dough and making pastry.

2.    Snugrom Polished Marble Rolling Pin

Another excellent marble rolling pin with a cradle is the Snugrom Polished Marble Rolling Pin. It includes an 18-inch nonstick surface, as well as a heavy-duty yet sturdy rolling pin with a handle and a hardwood base. It can be used to create ideal-shaped biscuits. Furthermore, this rolling pin is constructed entirely of marble, a naturally beautiful stone with distinct patterns as well as colorations.

The surface of this Snugrom polished marble rolling pin is nice and smooth, featuring natural nonstick qualities. It is also incredibly easy to clean because you will only have to hand wash it. The major feature of this marble rolling pin is its natural wood handle as well as resting base. This roller also has a solid substance, a nice touch, and it does not slip out of your hand.

What We Like About It

  • It has a nice and smooth feeling while using
  • Made with 100% marble
  • It has a wooden handle with a resting base
  • Easy to clean

3.    Fox Run 3834 Marble Rolling Pin

This marble rolling pin features a beautiful natural stone design made of 100% marble and complemented with smooth and soft aluminum handles, allowing you to retain your hold without sliding and spend more time focused on the work at hand.

Because of the distinct marble variances, this rolling pin is among the top used marble rolling pins, making it an excellent housewarming or birthday present. Furthermore, this rolling pin has natural nonstick qualities, which ensures that it is easy to wash and can keep up with all of your culinary and baking demands.

Finally, it is highly practical because it includes a resting base. This rolling pin has handles as well as a sleek marble resting base, which allows it to be kept while in use so it wouldn’t slide all over your counters.

What We Like About It

  • It has a beautiful stone design
  • Has non-stick qualities
  • Easy to wash
  • It has a sleek marble resting base
  • Soft and smooth aluminum handles

4.    Norpro Marble Pastry/Pizza Roller

It must be of a consistent thickness to aid in the preparation of a flawlessly baked crust. The Norpro Pastry/Pizza Roller is an ideal two-in-one tool for pastries, cookies, as well as pizza dough!

The big roller spreads out the dough evenly, resulting in a consistent crust. It is very easy to use on a pastry board and cutting surface or straight in the pan. The tiny roller makes it much easier to fill the dough to the pan’s edges; it also smoothes the sides and edges and provides uniform depth all around the pan’s beveled edge.

It’s also great for crushing nuts, biscuits, crackers, as well as bread crumbs. Furthermore, the stainless steel rods help to balance the wooden rollers. It also makes cooking considerably easier. The cleaning method for this marble rolling pin is hand washing.

What We Like About It

  • It is a two in one rolling pin
  • Great for crushing biscuits and nut
  • The stainless rod helps to balance the wooden rollers
  • It is easy to clean
  • Gives smooth edges to your pizza or cookie dough

5.    French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin With Stand

Because of their capacity to keep cool, marble rolling pins are widely employed in pastry kitchens. When spreading out the buttered dough, you would like to avoid melting the butter as much as possible. Furthermore, the French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin with Stand demonstrates that a completely functioning baking need could also be elegantly constructed and exhibited on your countertop.

The smoothness and weight of the white marble pin allow it to handle the fragile or difficult dough. Its tough structure also allows you to push and stretch it out. Whenever your hands get tired or your delectable pies and cakes are baking, the pin may rest on the supplied rubberwood support, which also fits its handles.

When you are done cooking, this pin may be hand washed in warm water using dish soap. Marble is sensitive to discoloration; therefore, it’s better to wash it as soon as possible.

What We Like About It

  • This rolling pin comes with a stand
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It has smooth wooden handles
  • The rolling pin comes with a guarantee
  • It keeps the surface nice and cool

Final Thoughts

One of the most common mistakes new bakers make with pastries or cookie dough is spreading it out too thin or too thick. You no longer have to worry about not giving your pizza dough, pies, or pastries the perfect shape, as there are many great rolling pins on the market that you can purchase based on your needs.

Marble rolling pins add a decorative touch to your kitchen while still being sturdy and powerful. They also have a very unique and attractive appearance, which makes you want to cook with more enthusiasm, and they will not break like wooden ones. Follow our guide to the 5 best marble rolling pins for a smoother, better, and tastier cooking experience.