JULY 21, 2011


Condiments, sauces, syrups, coffee creamers, and a host of other, bottled pantry items line our grocery store shelves.  I am fascinated by how many different kinds of brands there are. Up until about 2 years ago, I would have thought nothing about purchasing a bottle of store bought barbeque sauce for my BBQ brisket sandwiches. As I was looking at which one was the most economical, I decided to read the ingredients.  I was scared.


I have always been a home cook and love mastering marinara sauces, bolognese sauces, salad dressings, marinades, and simple cookie doughs.  I adore my freezer and at all times, one can find sauces, doughs, stocks, breads, and desserts shoved into the freezer.  So, after reading the ingredients in the bottle of BBQ sauce, I started experimenting with making my own.  Once I mastered that, I went on to jams, marmalades, ketchup, pickled veggies, fresh fruit sodas, caramel sauce, dulce de leche, and countless others.  I have yet to attempt to make mustard, but it is on my list.

Along with discovering that the taste of homemade condiments are far superior to the ones found in your local grocery store, they cost pennies to make. Three quarts of my marinara sauce costs approximately $7.00(4 ingredients).  This does not include my time, but what I have found with making stocks, sauces, and condiments is that they are a one pot dish. Basically, you throw your ingredients into a pot and let time do the work.  Making three quarts of sauce for under $7.00 beats a jar of Raos any day of the week.  And I am basically making three quarts for what it would cost me to buy one!

I have found a host of homemade everything, all of which have inspired me to continue on my journey of eliminating the additives, save money, and create food that is healthy, good for you, and tastes great.